Social networks have a huge impact, from increasing business potential and brand awareness to increasing shop visits.

Social media is one of the important ways to interact with customers and build trust. And of course, you’ll stay on top of what makes your brand unique and show off your radiant personality. With our social media package, you can be sure that your social media accounts are in professional hands.

“YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.” Create as you wish according to your needs from media such as, PAY LESS.

Who should use the social media package?

We know that social medias is important for your business because it is important to us too. From this, our social media package has been designed with great results and at a low cost.

Our suite is the most cost-effective for all businesses that want or want to increase their social transformation but don’t have the time to do so or spend a fortune to achieve better results.

Our job is to manage your social reputation so you have more time to grow your business.

Why do we need a social media package?

  • To find new customers,
  • To announce your products and services to everyone,
  • To build brand awareness and trust,
  • To advertise your business, products or services,
  • We need a social media package to build a community and loyal followers.

What is included in our social media package?

Depending on your needs, our dedicated social media package may include the following services:

  • High Quality Posts

In order to create social media posts and interactions, we will create your posts based on the content on your website.

  • Finding New Targeted Followers

We will set your business goals and adjust our social media campaigns to best suit your goals. We aim not only to increase your followers but also to find new followers that add value to your business.

  • Conversion Tracking

Measuring accurate data is important to evaluate the success of any campaign, and our first step is to make sure we can accurately track the performance of your ads.

  • Business Page Optimization

Before any paid Social Media campaign starts, we will optimize your business pages to the best standards and practices.

  • Spam Monitoring

There are a lot of spammers on social media, and we will make sure that this spam stays off your pages and accounts.

  • Social Media Competitor Analysis

We will make a detailed analysis of how your competitors are using social media marketing, and according to the result, we will develop a strategy and take more robust steps.

  • Monthly Progress Report

At the end of each month, you will receive a progress report with all the details about your campaigns.

Social Media Advertising Overview

Facebook Advertising

Use Facebook advertising to spread information about your brand, products or services. Suitable for all types of businesses, Facebook Ads can drive traffic, generate leads and increase website conversions. Promoted Facebook Posts, Reach and Brand Awareness, Remarketing Campaigns, Targeted Demographic Campaigns, Dynamic Product Ads (e-Commerce), Local Awareness Campaigns, Offer Requests Campaigns and Special List Campaigns (special audiences) are targeted within the package.

Instragram Advertising

With nearly 500 million members, Instagram is now an indispensable channel for corporate companies! When it comes to social media ads, Instagram, which comes to mind second after Facebook, also enables you to reach your target audience with visual shares such as photos or videos. You can share your professional visual shares on Instagram using targeting criteria such as Facebook ads. Instagram social media ads, which provide interaction on all social media channels with comprehensive targeting strategies, are published without wasting your budget. Instagram, which has become the visual media of digital marketing, allows you to receive instant feedback.

Twitter Advertising

By leveraging Twitter’s 320M active users to promote your brand, drive traffic to your website and settle as an influencer in your niche, it’s targeted to increase your twitter followers and website traffic.

Linkedin Advertising

LinkedIn is the ultimate social network for professionals and a useful social media marketing tool especially for B-2-B and service providers. Targeted Demographic Campaigns (Interaction and Conversions), LinkedIn Feed Campaigns, LinkedIn Promoted Posts are targeted within the package.

Why Choose GOWPEN


You can reserve all rights as well as personal and commercial use of your design.


JPG and PNG logo files with a size of 2000 x 2000 px will be created. All files will be specially prepared for use on social networks and your website.


You can test both us and your idea by seeing a small-sized logo in PNG format, free of charge, for free.


You can change and edit your design at any time.


Layouts will be tailored for you that adapt to all kinds of branding elements, including websites, social networks, t-shirts, cups, signs and many other areas.


You will get both SVG and PDF files for your use. You can print a scalable logo for many branding items.