Brandıng packages

Branding is the most important source of awareness for a company.

Let’s create a brand that has a strong first impression with a remarkable logo for you and leave a perfect impression like your company. We look forward to creating a custom logo that matches your brand identity.

Branding is the most important source of awareness for a company. Brand identity is not just a logo. As a company owner, your purpose for your business; To have a recognizable, professional and original brand.

Throughout your branding process, we are here to design a consistent visual brand identity that will reflect your core values and attract your customers.

What is the Brand Pack?

A brand is a combination of name, slogan, and logo used to help promote a company or its products to a potential customer. Expected from the brand:

  • Build customer trust and loyalty,
  • Enabling customers to purchase your products / services,
  • Reflecting your business motto,
  • Describe your products or services


What is in the brand package?

The brand package has been designed to meet all your expectations from your brand by containing many different items. The brand pack contains some or all of the following items:

  • Email Templates
  • Congress Images
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Folded Brochures
  • Letterhead

Includes an entry-level branding package, a personalized logo, business card, and letterhead. A branding standards certificate is also required.

What is a marking standards document and why do you need it?

The marking standards document explains how the elements of your brand package speak for your company in a clear and meaningful way.

 Make sure your employees and others follow the brand standards document you make. This shows that you have a standard for everyone from your brand, from vendors to partners and even the community. Marking standards documents typically contain standards for:

  • The different elements of your logo and how they should be used
  • Typography (which fonts your logo uses, how and where they are used)
  • All the colors your logo includes
  • Any legal requirements to use the logo

Why do we need a branding package?

Brand packages help to take firm steps forward in your business by creating the image and impression you want.

Just one reason your business needs a branding package:

Marking packages made a difference from your competitors, help you to be preferred.

Create a branding package for your business. Let potential customers choose you from your competitors.



You can reserve all rights as well as personal and commercial use of your design.


JPG and PNG logo files with a size of 2000 x 2000 px will be created. All files will be specially prepared for use on social networks and your website.


You can test both us and your idea by seeing a small-sized logo in PNG format, free of charge, for free.


You can change and edit your design at any time.


Layouts will be tailored for you that adapt to all kinds of branding elements, including websites, social networks, t-shirts, cups, signs and many other areas.


You will get both SVG and PDF files for your use. You can print a scalable logo for many branding items.